Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy , Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer At Web Print Solutions, we offer services in the areas of Web designing & development, Software development, Internet marketing ( SEO, PPC, SMO), Print media - Graphic Designing, Printing Press and Advertising - TV , Print, Radio. Please go through the terms and conditions and use policies prior to signing up for services of WebPrint Solutions.

We, at WebPrint Solutions reserve the right to change the use policies as well as terms and conditions. We cater to a large number of clients and are committed to provide the best possible services in a highly secured manner.
In case of infringement in the account, WebPrint Solution is not liable to refund the fees under any circumstances.

Information – Collection and Use

We process personal information as per the requirement mentioned in the privacy policy.
At the same time, we may require personal information for the following purposes – Business Communication purposes related to the services offered by us.In providing user friendly services and sites and hence your minimal attention is required. In a way, you are no longer required to repeat a same set of information on a repeated basis.In conducting site audit, research and analysis so as to improvise our services and protect the sameThe technical process and network work smoothly In order to provide adequate protection to rights, property of ourselves as well as our customersDevelopment of new services as per customer requirements and enhancement of our services No Spam Policy – we have in place and adhere to the no spam policy which restricts the use of any data so collected to send spam. We do not sell or disclose any contact information to third parties

Personal Information
In case you send up for a service which requires registration for which personal details are essential, then you will have to provide them. In case, we are required to use the same for a different purpose other than those defined in the terms of service, we will seek your prior permission to do so.
Cookies – Most browsers are set to accept cookies but on request you can set your browser to refuse all the cookies or set a notification when a cookie is in use. The disabling of cookies could imply that our services do not perform in the desired manner. In case you decide not to provide the required set of personal information then we may not be in a position to provide that set of services to you.

Sharing of Information
We share your personal information with other individuals or companies on a limited basis – With your prior consentSharing of information takes place with our affiliated firms, trusted business partners and persons for using the personal information on our behalf. These parties have agreed to use the personal information in accordance with our instruction while complying with our Privacy Policy and other security undertakings.With belief that use and disclosure of this information being extremely important and essential forIt has to satisfy the applicable legalities, rules, regulations and legal procedures are required by government agencies If required, enforce the applicable Terms of Service which could also include violations and their investigations, if they have been actually violated.Prevention, detection and even checking of technical issues, security threat and address fraud, if the need arises.For providing full protection against rights, property and safety or our users, us and the public as the case maybe, as stated by the law. In case of sharing, we may undertake to share certain sections or details of non personal information with third parties.
The information so shared will not divulge any personal information at any level. At all times, we will act in accordance to the terms of service as mentioned in our terms and conditions along with those mentioned in the main agreement with our customer.

Security of Information
We at WebPrint Solution, are committed to take suitable and adequate security measures to prevent unauthorized access or alteration, disclosure or destruction of data in every possible manner. The steps and measures could include periodic reviews of data collections, its processing steps, storage and security including those in terms of physical security to prevent its theft or misuse. The sharing and use of personal information is passed on a restricted manner to our employees, third party service providers, contractors and agents who may require it to enhance our functionalities and services. These individuals have been bound by confidential clauses. They are liable to be disciplined, terminated and likely to face criminal prosecution in case of their failure to keep up to their obligations.

Provision of Personal Information
We trust you to provide us with the required level of accurate personal information and notify us in case of changes or inaccuracies, if any.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We at WebPrint Solutions, reserve the authority to make changes in the privacy policy from time to time.

Project Terms & Conditions - 

  • Webprint Solution will not provide Content, Images, photographs; it should be provided by client. Service Tax will be extra.
  • Company is not responsible for any kind of delay due to natural calamity or uncontrollable situations.
  • One page Consist of 500 keywords and 4 to 5 images.
  • Project will be cancelled if the client is not responding in spite of being communicated thrice. Domain hosting and registration will be done after cash payment or after the Cheque has been encashed .
  • We are working on the Basis of Project Deliverable, Creative Brief & Scope of Project contents, there will be charges for extra content e.g. Logo, animation, Web Pages etc.
  • Penalty will be charged if the project been delayed by the client side.
  • If the Website is been uploaded in other server then the client has to do the final payment Before the Website uploading
  • If the Website is been uploaded in other server we are not responsible for any kind of server issues
  • Total Payment Invoice will be raised after completion of website.
  • For Part Payment we give only payment receipt/s.
  • Work will be stop if the payment phases is not done in time by client.
  • Working Hours: 10am to 6.30pm.
  • Working Days: Monday to Saturday

    Late / Non-Payment
  • In cases of re-activation of cancelled accounts, $50.00 would be charged as administrative fee.
  • If your account gets overdue by 7 days all technical support would be rescinded.
  • If your account gets overdue by 14 days, your site and other services will be suspended.
  • If your account gets overdue by 30 days, your sites and data would be deleted from all our systems.
  • We will try our best to contact you, by all the possible means, yet it is your (client's) responsibility to keep up accurate and updated details, like address, contact and billing information etc.
  • In case of Credit Card Chargeback and reverse the transaction, your account would be terminated and all your websites, data, details, emails etc. would be immediately deleted.

Regular updates of details- We use the contact details that are contemporarily available with us. In case, you fail to receive our notices due to changed contact address (which you have not updated with our records), we will not be responsible for the same. The responsibility to keep information current totally lies with the clients. We are not responsible for the action taken in consequence to the client's failure to receive/respond to the notices sent by Webprint Solution.

Cancellation Policy

  • If the project is cancel by client/reseller/affiliate then 10% of the total project cost or more than $50 will be charged to client as an administartive & project effort cost.
  • If the project is cancel from, then webprint solution will not be liable to pay any cancellation fees or charges to client/reseller/affiliate.
  • After cancellation client/reseller/affiliate will never use our material, designs, themes, codes, project details, business ideas & concepts.


WebPrint Solutions is not responsible in any manner for loss of data, crash, downtime and failure of the system. At times, WebPrint Solutions may resell certain tools, software and programmes used by use but not developed by us. We are also not accountable for the utilization of client’s account in any manner. In case the terms and conditions are not followed in the prescribed manner, they are likely to deactivated without any futher discussion. The deletion or deactivation of account will solely be related to the terms set by WebPrint Solution for which no intimation or correspondence of any matter is required.

At the same time, WebPrint Solutions reserves the right to change and modify these guidelines, policies at any point of time without notifications in advance of any sort. 
Legal Action

  • Any legal dispute or legal action relating to WebPrint Solution can be filed at Navi Mumbai.
  • In case of abuse, physical harrasement, threat, termination of the contract can take place along with a levy of $200 as a penalty under the jurisdiction of Navi Mumbai Jurisdiction.
  • WebPrint Solution is not responsible for wrong content, images and information uploaded on the client’s website/advertisement/graphic design/online advertisement and print media is any manner, if they are uploaded by the client.