Indian Local Search Engines

Local Search Engine - and

People usually asking us " what is exactly Local Search Engine ? " And we keep telling them, its about "You" and for "You".

How it Works ?

1) You can get your existing Local Merchant in Portal
2) You can order your food, grocerry, electronics, jewellery and more than 100 categories products at your door steps
3) You can save your time by doing single click shopping
4) You shall get the product delivery same day and within few hours
5) You will get Offers, Schemes, Reedem Points and lots of wining prices
6) You now saving your time and money both together
7) You will get easy return policy and refund within the city
8) You will also get Service Providers from the same city and nearby area e.g. carpenter, plumber, electricians, laptop repairs, A.C. Repairs etc.
9) You can see famous places, updates, news of the city of your local area
10) You can upload Free Jobs, Propert by creating user acccount