E-'n'-Joy Event

Celebration with Team 'n' Clients

In 2014, Webprint Solution decided to do Launch Progam for Society Management Software, Search Engine but basic theme was to say " THANK YOU " to all our esteemed clients who supported us in last 20 years. E-n-joy ( Meaning ) - Enjoy means "E" stands for ELECRONICS, "N" stands for NETWORKING and "JOY" creats HAPPINESS. This day we said "THANK YOU " to all. We said thank you to GOD, Our Mentors ( GURUS ), Parents, Indian Government, Maharashtra Government, Local Bodies, Partners, Franchises, Colleagues, Supporters, Vendors and Wellwishers. On 18 December 2014 beetween 7pm to 11pm we celebrated these moments. It was a day of Cyber Day of Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. It was an auspicious day of " Margashish Month" ( as per hindu calendar ). Every year we are celebrating this day as a " Thank You Day !"

Wowwww, it was wonderful memory of our company and associates. We had a good Dinner with 60 delicacies, Award Function, Gazal - Indian Songs, Dance on the floor,We wish for a such a wonderful day to come back again. Our Dubai , China, Singapore, United Kingdom, Oman, Unites States Guest were connected on this day on the floor and online.

E-N-JOY !!!, Seriously we are waiting for you again and again in our life and wants to enjoy this day again and again, please stay with us forever.